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Trust your Snowflake data.

With the All-in-One Data Governance solution for Snowflake. Increase adoption of analytics with trusted and usable data.

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Find meaning in your Data.
‍Data Catalog

  • Find tables, columns, dashboards with the blazingly fast search while you type. Typos are no problme.
  • Let Dot, the data bot automate the boring stuff (like writing documention)
  • Understand your underlying data with automated profiling

Easy to Setup and Maintain.

  • Take our cloud offering that just works, or have full control and self-host.
  • Enabling Single-Sign-On with Snowflake? One click.
  • Automate as much as you like with an OpenAPI.
  • No-Code integrations with the tools you love: Tableau, DBT, PowerBI, Looker
"Building trust and empowering our stakeholders to make confident decisions based on the analytics we produce is critical for us at Clari. Sled has been instrumental in enabling us to do just that. It has transformed how we understand and consume our data and the pace of innovation is truly remarkable.
- Gary Sahota, Head of Data Strategy & Analytics at Clari
"Snowflake and Sled really made a difference for the data department at Heidelberger Druck both in terms of data governance and productivity. It has allowed us to strengthen the trust of the business in the data and analytics. It has made easy for everyone to find, understand and audit the assets curated in our Snowflake data cloud.”
- Tom Oelsner, COOΒ Heidelberg Digital Unit

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Understand how Sled can help you increase trust and adoption of analytics in your organization.