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Question 1

Where is Sled hosted?


That is your choice. Our cloud offering works in any AWSΒ region.
You can also host it in your own data center or on your favorite cloud provider with Docker or Kubernetes.

Question 2

What is the connection between Snowflake and Sled?


Sled connects with a technical user to the Snowflake Data Cloud. This technical user only needs read-access to your data. For storing profiling statistics and more meta data, Sled needs a new database. More information can be found in the technical docs.

Question 3

What is an asset?


An asset is everything a user can find, document or monitor. This includes databases, tables, columns or metrics. The admin can decide how many assets are indexed.

Question 3

How does Sled know when a table was last updated?


Every interaction in your data warehouse happens with SQL. Snowboard parses these SQL statements and uses the query plans to figure out, when tables were updated, how often they are used and how data flows are modelled.

Question 4

How do I get support?


You can always reach us on As soon as we are in contact, you can also reach us by chat on Microsoft Teams or by phone.