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Snowflake Data Governance Accelerated

Théo Tortorici
January 26, 2023

minute read

We are thrilled to announce that Sled, the all-in-one data governance platform with 100% Snowflake DNA, has been accepted into Snowflake's Governance Accelerated program! This program recognizes the best and most innovative solutions for data governance in the Snowflake ecosystem, and we are honored to be among the select few to be chosen.

Why Data Governance?

Data governance is the process of managing and ensuring the accuracy, completeness, and consistency of an organization's data. It's an essential aspect of running a business in today's data-driven world. With many organizations collecting unprecedented amounts of data from an increasing list of sources, it's more important than ever for them to have a clear understanding of their data. A rigorously governed data warehouse allows work normally shouldered by engineers and analysts (or deprioritized) to be scaled and automated (more on the automation of the analyst soon…).

What challenges are data teams facing today?

Data teams today face challenges in aligning needs at every stage of the data pipeline. Data engineers are challenged with ensuring data is accurate and up-to-date, analysts are often unsure of data accuracy and definitions, business stakeholders struggle to find the data they need, and data stewards are overwhelmed by the volume of data they need to manage.

Why Sled?

Sled is a comprehensive data governance solution that is exclusively focused on Snowflake. This allows us to automate things like column-level-lineage, permission management and documentation, all easily integrated directly on your Snowflake instance with a low credit-footprint. Here we unlock value for data teams faster and with less manual investment (than other metadata solutions). Sled’s DNA is Snowflake 100%. That means, in short:

  • Sled leverages all Snowflake objects and features (tables, views, streams, ML models, custom objects, unistore, feature store, tags, PII)
  • Sled helps you create more value out of your metadata by combining data discovery, lineage and data quality all in-one
  • Sled offers a consistent experience with Snowflake. It is easy to use and easy to set-up (you could be up and running in an hour!)
  • Curating data products is now easier with real time synchronization with Snowflake
  • Sled simplifies your architecture: there is no 3rd party layer - Sled acts as a compute layer, your data, metrics, metadata are accessible from your Snowflake account in a specific DB

How to do data governance on Snowflake?

With Sled, you can easily manage data cataloging, data lineage, a metrics store, data quality monitoring, and access management all in one place.

Data discovery: find and understand your Snowflake data easily

Sled’s data catalog allows data consumers to have clarity over the data, making it easy to discover, understand, and share data across the organization. This helps teams collaborate and make data-driven decisions. The data catalog directly integrates with Snowflake comments and object tags ( The real-time synchronization between Sled and Snowflake makes it easier to trust that Sled is up-to-date and every data team member can integrate

Trace data flows with full transparency

Another important feature is our column-level lineage, which provides a clear understanding of data pipelines end-to-end from source systems to the BI tools or downstream systems. This helps organizations trace the root of KPIs their final destination to their origin to identify any potential issues or inaccuracies. No matter if you use views, merge into tables, or create materialized views, users can quickly see how data is transformed from source to destination in Snowflake and beyond (Tableau, PowerBI, Looker, …).

Bring metrics consistency with the metrics store

The metrics store feature helps organizations build a single source of truth for metrics, providing an easy way to monitor data quality in real-time. This helps organizations ensure that their data is accurate and reliable and can identify and address any issues that arise. These defined metrics are directly accessible in Snowflake as “magic views”. This means you never need to recalculate your most important KPIs outside your data cloud.

Detect, resolve and prevent data quality issues and enjoy peace of mind.

Sled's data quality monitoring system automatically ensures data pipelines are trustworthy by running checks on the most important data products. This helps organizations ensure that their data is accurate and up-to-date, and compliant with data contracts between data consumers and producers. Sled extracts all the important meta data automatically (e.g. Freshness, Completeness) with minimal cost and prioritizes incidents intelligently based on Snowflake usage.

Simplified Governance

Finally, with Sled you don’t need to implement access control, rights and permissions twice. You users log in with Snowflake SSO and their accesses are sync with Snowflake’s (incl. RBAC: row based access control policies).

In short, Sled offers a highly automated and easy-to-use solution for data governance in Snowflake, making it easy for organizations to ensure that their data is accurate, up-to-date, and compliant with regulations. We are excited to be part of Snowflake's Governance Accelerated program and look forward to helping more organizations improve their data governance.

Curious to take Sled for a drive? Test our demo and get started with us on your data in 20min.

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